The rate structure for water to customers of the municipally owned water utility system shall be as follows:

Rates Within and Outside the City

0 to 1,000 gallons


(base - includes 1,000 gallons)

1,001 to 4,000 gallons


per thousand (1,000 gallons)

4,001 to 6,000 gallons


per thousand (1,000 gallons)

6,001 to 8,000 gallons


per thousand (1,000 gallons)

8,001 to 10,000 gallons


per thousand (1,000 gallons)

More than 10,000 gallons


per thousand (1,000 gallons)

The City will review the water rates and classifications by the end of March each year and may revise the rates and classifications as necessary, to mirror the percentage increases received from the source supplier(s), to ensure that the rates generate adequate revenues to pay the costs associated with the municipally owned water utility and any necessary system improvements.

(Ord. 443; Ord. 541; Ord. 579; Code 2017)

Each applicant for city water service shall pay a set-up fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) to establish service

(Ord. 575; Code 2017)

(a)   Any person owning property outside the city limits of the city desiring to make connection to the main water line shall make application for a permit to the city clerk.

(b)   The city clerk shall submit the application, together with his or her recommendation, to the governing body at the next regular meeting of the governing body.

(Ord. 44, Sec. 1)

All bills for water furnished by the city water system shall be due and payable monthly by the 15th day following the calendar month for which the user of such water is billed. A late fee may be assessed. Should the service be terminated, a fee of $50 will be charged for the turning off and turning on of the service.

(Ord. 220F, Sec. 1; Ord. 575; Code 2017)

Water or other utility service shall be terminated for nonpayment of service fees or charges as provided in sections 15-105:106.

(Code 1989)

(a)   A delinquency and termination notice shall be issued by the city clerk within 10 days after the delinquency occurs and mailed to the customer at his or her last known address. A copy also shall be mailed to the occupant of the premises if the occupant and the customer are not the same person.

(b)   The notice shall state:

(1)   The amount due, plus late payment charge;

(2)   Notice that service will be terminated if the amount due is not paid within seven days from the date of the notice;

(3)   Notice that the customer has the right to a hearing before the city superintendent or another designated hearing officer;

(4)   Notice that the request for a hearing must be in writing and filed with the city clerk no later than three days prior to the date for termination of service.

(c)   Upon receipt of a request for hearing, the city clerk shall advise the customer of the date, time and place of the hearing which shall be held within three working days following receipt of the request.

(Code 1989)

Following the hearing, if the hearing officer shall find that service should not be terminated, then notice of such finding shall be presented to the city superintendent. If the officer finds that service should be terminated, an order shall be issued terminating service five days after the date of the order. The customer shall be notified either in person or by mailing a letter to his last known address by certified mail, return receipt requested. However, if the order is made at the hearing in the presence of the customer, then no further notice need be given. The hearing officer has a right, for good cause, to grant an extension, not to exceed 10 days, for the termination of such service.

(Code 1989)

That hereafter connections made to the water system of the City, both inside and outside the corporate limits of the City, shall be and hereby are charged a water connection fee as follows:

Meter Size



$1,500 or cost (whichever is greater)

1 1/2”

$1,900 or cost (whichever is greater)


$2,400 or cost (whichever is greater)


$2,700 or cost (whichever is greater)

Above 3”

Cost will be determined on case by case basis

(Ord. 435; Code 2003; Ord. 576; Code 2017)

In all events, unless otherwise established by the governing body, all water meters shall be set on or near the property line of the user at a point as close as possible to the nearest water main or extension

(Ord. 220, Sec. 4)

The owner of any multiple dwelling unit where such unit is under one continuous roof, shall have the right and option to have all such dwelling units served by one water metering facility, notwithstanding that more than one household may be a user from the meter, and providing, of course, that the owner of such multiple dwelling unit pays the connection charges hereinabove mentioned and is liable for the payment of the water bill to such multiple dwelling unit, provided, however that mobile type houses, or trailer house types of residences may be connected to the same meter as other similar house types of residences, or may be connected to the same meter with a permanently constructed residence.

(Ord. 220, Sec. 6)

All occupied residential and commercial structures within the city shall be required to maintain service by the city water system, if city water is available to the property.

(Ord. 575; Code 2017)

Water Service to Unoccupied Dwelling. There shall be a water service charge of twenty five dollars ($25.00), for any water usage of 48 hours or less, when service is requested by the property owner or his or her agent, to unoccupied dwelling where water service has previously been disconnected. The water charge of $25, to be paid by the property owner of his or her agent, must be paid prior to connection to the water system.

(Ord. 220C, Sec. 1; Ord. 575; Code 2017)

The city may, at its option, deliver a final notice to the user before cutting off service to the property served. The optional final notice contemplated by this section shall be in writing and in addition to the preliminary notice given. The final notice may be delivered to the property served on the day prior to the discontinuation date contemplated in section 15-106, and be posted conspicuously on the premises by attaching the notice to the door or other appropriate location on the property. The final notice, when utilized, will state that service will be terminated the following day after 9:00 a.m. if all unpaid charges are not paid in full by that time. In addition, the notice may advise that any meter disconnected will not be reconnected until the following day and that arrangements for reconnection must be made at city hall. If the final notice is actually delivered to the property served, a final notice delivery charge of $20 may be assessed and added to the next months’ bill. If the service is disconnected for nonpayment, any amounts due and owing, and all of the amounts, including the late delivery charge, must be paid in full before the user will be considered no longer in default.

(Ord. 439; Code 2003)

Water service to or for any customer whose name appears on the city’s water delinquency list shall not be continued until such customer pays to the city all past due amounts owing to the city. The mayor or his or her designee shall be entitled to grant exceptions to this section for hardship cases only.

(Ord. 498; Code 2017)

The City reserves the right at any time to revise or amend this article, other ordinances or the rules and regulations pertaining to the supply of water thereunder. The city reserves the right to disconnect or refuse service to any customer or consumer who shall be found by the department to have violated any of the provisions of this article or rules and regulations of the department pertaining to the supply and use of water in the city. The city reserves the right for the officers and employees of the department to inspect any premises at all reasonable hours in connection with the supply of water service to such premises. Members of the department shall have free access as such hours to read the meters, examine the location or conditions of the water lines and pipes or other fixtures and apparatus used in the supplying of water to such premises, and to apply to court of competent jurisdiction for an order granting access should such access be denied.

(Ord. 498; Code 2017)

All bills which are determined to be a bad debt and turned over for outside collection, including the State of Kansas Setoff Program, shall be subject to a fee of twenty five percent (25%) of the total of the delinquent amount. This bad debt administrative charge shall be applied prior to referral for collection.

(Ord. 553; Code 2017)