APPENDIX C – FEESAPPENDIX C – FEES\Article 01 Enactment and Applicability

1.1.              Title

These regulations, including the zoning district maps made a part hereof, shall be known as the “City of Rose Hill Zoning Regulations,” hereinafter referred to as “these regulations.”

1.2.              Jurisdiction

These regulations shall apply to all buildings, structures and land within the corporate limits of the City of Rose Hill, hereinafter referred to as “the City.” These boundaries may be amended by annexation of new territory into the City.

1.3.              Authority

These regulations are adopted under the authority granted to the City by KSA 12-701 et seq.; 12-3009 to 12-3012; 12-3301  to  12-3302.


1.4.  Purpose

These regulations are intended to:

A.    Promote the health, safety, comfort and general welfare.

B.    Implement the vision, goals, objectives and strategies of the Comprehensive Plan.

C.    Preserve, protect and enhance property values.

D.    Ensure the adequate and efficient provision of public services, utilities, infrastructure and facilities.

E.     Provide adequate open space.

F.     Preserve and protect natural, historic and cultural resources.

G.    Encourage a land use pattern that is consistent with community growth and economic development goals.

H.    Divide the City into districts, each having compatible land uses, building types, density and intensity of development.

I.      Regulate the size, bulk, density and location of structures on properties within each district.

J.     Control the general appearance of buildings, structures and land developed or redeveloped in the City.

K.    Establish the processes and procedures whereby these regulations will be implemented, administered and enforced.


1.5.  Separability

It is the intention of the City that the individual provisions of these regulations are separable, as follows:

A.    If a court with jurisdiction over these regulations judges any provision invalid, it shall affect only the invalidated provision; all other provisions shall remain valid.

B.    If a court with jurisdiction over these regulations judges a specific application of any provision invalid, it shall affect only the invalidated application of said provision; all other applications of said provision to any building, structure or property shall remain valid.