There is hereby established an official addressing system for the city which shall consist of the following:

(a)   The addressing system shall have as its origin the intersection of Berry Avenue and Rose Hill Road, and all addresses shall be numbered from the point in accordance with the addressing system.

(b)   The first block in each direction from the point of origin shall be the 100 block, and all subsequent blocks shall be sequentially numbered by increments of 100.

(c)   Numbers to residences and business buildings shall follow the numbering method cited herein:

(Ord. 332, Sec. 1)

All residences and business buildings in the city shall be numbered in conformance with the following provisions:

(a)   The number assigned shall change on an interval of 25 feet, the distance being the width of the narrowest platted lot in the city.

(b)   Residences and business buildings located on the north and/or east side of a street shall carry an even number as its address. Residences and businesses buildings located on the south and/or west side of a street shall carry an odd number as its address. In addition to the number assigned, the address shall indicate the direction from the point of origin within the official address (i.e. 302 North Rose Hill Road or 710 East Berry Avenue).

(c)   Individual numbers assigned to a residence or business building shall be assigned in conformance with U.S. Postal Addressing Standards, the standards being incorporated herein.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 2)

The owner or occupant of any residence or business building within the city shall be required to place on the residence or business building the official address thereof in numbers at least three inches in height, or nonrusting material, and colored in sufficient contrast to the underlying surface so as to make the numbers visible and readily identifiable from the street. All new residences and business buildings within the city shall have the address affixed prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 3)

All street names shall be as shown on the official plats recorded with the register of deeds of Butler County, Kansas. All new streets shall be named in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the Rose Hill Subdivision Regulations governing the same.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 4)

It is the intent of the governing body that there be no exceptions to this addressing system. However, recognizing that on occasion an irregularity may occur in the design of a subdivision that would present the need to establish an exception, the planning commission is hereby required to hear all requests for an exception to this article and make a formal recommendation to the governing body. The governing body shall make all final decisions regarding exceptions to this article. Any exception granted shall not establish a precedent for future requests for exceptions and all exceptions shall be cause of unique and unusual conditions present within the subdivision as presented and not because anyone wishes to establish a separate and unique address for their development which is contrary to the addressing system for the balance of the city.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 5)

The city clerk or the city clerk’s designee, shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this article, except those provisions specifically delegated to either the planning commission or governing body.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 7)

Any person found to be in violation of this article shall be sent a notice of such violation by the city clerk or the city clerk’s designee. The notice shall be served by personal service upon the owner or occupant in violation, or by service by registered mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested. The notice shall state:

(a)   The manner in which the residence or business building is not in compliance with this article and the steps which must be taken to correct such violation.

(b)   The person in violation shall have 30 days from the date of the service or mailing of the violation notice to comply with the provisions of this article.

(c)   That failure to correct the violation within 30 days of the service of mailing of the violation notice may result in prosecution under section 4-708.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 8)

Any person found in violation of the provisions of this article for the first time shall, upon conviction, be fined a sum of $30 plus court costs; and for the second and any subsequent violations, be fined from $50 to $300 plus court costs.

(Ord. 332, Sec. 9)