The levy of a general purpose one percent (1%) sales tax and the application of the revenue received therefrom to finance projects for the construction, expansion, improvement or re-improvement of any street or road within the City is hereby authorized. In accordance with K.S.A. 12-191, collection of the 2009 Sales Tax shall commence on July 1, 2009, or as soon thereafter as may be permitted by law.

(Ord. 492; Ord. 496; Ord. 543; Code 2017)

The City of Rose Hill will adopt fees at least once annually by a resolution titled “A Resolution Concerning Service, License, and Permit Fees within the Corporate Limits and Service Area of the City of Rose Hill.’’ The fees or charges for the following services or expenses will be adopted at least once annually: Franchise for cable; franchise for gas; franchise for telephone; franchise for City utilities; City storm water utility; disconnect/reconnect fees; connection fees; return check charge; delinquency penalty charge; collection account charge; fireworks permit charge; mowing fees for nuisance abatement; golf cart, micro utility truck and registration; cereal malt beverage permit fees; alcohol beverage license and permit fees; certified mailing fees; vehicle inspection fees; bicycle license fees; police reports; copy fees; search fees; animal license fees; impoundment fees; kennel license fee; pol ice services fees; business license fees; building permit fees; parks facilities fees; contractor license fees; garage sale permit fee; variance application fees; zoning and subdivision fees; easement fees; water and sewer system charges; transient merchant fees; trash hauling license fee; water rates; sewer rates.

(Ord. 623; Code 2017)